The movement of advance and retreat of the blades

The rotor plays an important role in a helicopter as it has the attack of the blades which allows him to vary the lift generated on the rotor, so their support y598 mro supply.

This type of electric motor when a helicopter powered by a turbine continues to operate with a speed above the synchronous rotation which can generate an active power and then he delivered to the system bus.

The propellers rate movement is the movement that allows the rotor to accommodate some possible efforts that are caused by flight, this happens due to asymmetry of support for a type of flying called translational flight, a curiosity about this is that a man called Juan de La Cierva, he was the first man to use this trick in the construction of gyroplanes equipment.

This movement of advance and retreat of the blades will allow the map due to the efforts and aero dynamic drag of these blades, which are caused by the effect of the rate of the blades.