Procedimentos relativos à documentação imobiliária

Está tramitando uma medida Provisória que visa simplificar os procedimentos relativos à documentação imobiliária reduzindo a dispersão das informações relativas aos imóveis às partes envolvidas numa negociação imobiliária.

As imobiliárias de Bauru dizem que esta lei regulara o princípio da concentração de todos os dados nas matrículas dos imóveis, junto aos Cartórios de Registro de Imóveis.

A referida medida será muito mais ampla e compreenderá matérias relativas aos tributos, aos trabalhadores e empregadores, informações relativas ao imóvel em si, relativas ao vendedor, etc. Permitindo a reunião de todas as fontes de informação sobre a real condição do bem, evitando negócios nulos ou anuláveis. As informações dispostas nos mais diversos cartórios irão se concentrar na matrícula do imóvel.

Caberá ao Poder Judiciário, com a aprovação da medida, apontar todos os atos constantes do sistema de registro eletrônico comum aos registros públicos. Afinal o que se tinha até hoje eram, informações dispersas nos cartórios judiciais e extrajudiciais em todo o país. O comprador deveria percorrer todos os lugares para obter as informações e não sofrer prejuízos.

Electric motor is this device in most home appliances

The basis of the operation of many of the appliances is the rotation that is characteristic of the electric motor. It is easy to see the electric motor rotation moving mixers and fans, but the electric motor is hardly noticed in washing machines or in the electric car windows SH-N-375.

There are several types and sizes of electric motors and each electric motor has a function and torque that meets your needs.

The electric motor’s power supply can be direct current and thus make use of batteries. Another electric motor is powered by alternating current and so the need to operate electric home network.

There are electric motors that can operate both with continuous current and with alternating current.

A simple electric motor consists of: armature or rotor, commutator, brushes, axle, field magnet and power supply.

Galvanic corrosion in engines

We know there are various types of engines, a type of electric motor is less electrically noble than most other metals, so it is necessary to avoid that contact with other metals that are usually built vessels so some care with galvanic in isolation of the two metals is necessary and can be done as follows:

Make the placement of zinc anodes which must be close to the site of contact so you will be able to decrease the contact of the dough with the noble metal and that corrosion can be controlled, so be aware that not just the problem, it is only a repair.

Galvanic corrosion is not an exclusive problem of electric aluminum engines because even in steel engines that happens, it is because metals that usually are underwater are considered nobler than the steel material, the example we have a device known as bronze propeller, but in most cases it is made of bronze and steel mixing two metals.

Change in the format photos saved on mobile

A major shift in mobile phone handsets are called polyphonic ringtones that you could write to the phone with an MP3 format with color images.

The photos that the phone could have attacked or send were made at first only by the GIF format, it was a format that only supports up to 256 colors since the pioneering players, this format normally used only to save the picture.

Now with mobile growth the most common format is the picture format called JPG, and it was this format that widely spread in handsets, that thanks to digital cameras, then with the advancement of technology these devices that are manufactured today support up to 16 million colors and are used in more advanced handsets and much more modern and generally large screen, the picture format in JPG is used by almost all digital cameras that have integrated into the phone.

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The movement of advance and retreat of the blades

The rotor plays an important role in a helicopter as it has the attack of the blades which allows him to vary the lift generated on the rotor, so their support y598 mro supply.

This type of electric motor when a helicopter powered by a turbine continues to operate with a speed above the synchronous rotation which can generate an active power and then he delivered to the system bus.

The propellers rate movement is the movement that allows the rotor to accommodate some possible efforts that are caused by flight, this happens due to asymmetry of support for a type of flying called translational flight, a curiosity about this is that a man called Juan de La Cierva, he was the first man to use this trick in the construction of gyroplanes equipment.

This movement of advance and retreat of the blades will allow the map due to the efforts and aero dynamic drag of these blades, which are caused by the effect of the rate of the blades.